Is Nepal a safe travel and holiday destination?
Yes. Nepal is safe travel and holiday Destination.

How do I reserve and book a room?
You can make room reservation online from our website. Click here to make a reservation now. You can even make reservation by telephone. Our telephone number is +977-1-4152046, 4152033.

How is your Room Service?
The restaurant is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. You may call down to order room service at any time at no additional delivery cost.

Can I change a reservation online?
Yes. You can cancel a reservation and Make new reservation.

Can I cancel a reservation online?
Yes. You can.

Can I use my credit card to book multiple rooms?
Yes. You would then be holding the rooms until you arrive.

Is breakfast included?
This should be listed in the Rates/Booking section of the hotel listing.

Can I charge my meals to my room?
Yes, absolutely.

How do I find out what my incidental room charges are?
You can stop by the front desk at any time for a print out. We will also place an invoice under your door each morning to help keep you informed.

How can I contact Dream Nepal Hotel and Apartment P.Ltd ?
You can call us at 977-1-4152046, 4152033 . You can also contact via email to

When I submit my reservations, where does my request go?
All requests going through will be responded to, on your screen, within seconds of your request. On some dates our hotels have a limited number of rooms available and our reservations office needs to check and we will notify by e-mail-

Are there any discounts or promos available for my room rate?
If you stay for longer than one week you are eligible for a 10% discount on your room rate.

I would like to secure my valuables, is there a safe in every room?
Yes. There is a safety vault located in room that is big enough for a laptop. you require tag.

Do you provide Airport Pick-up & Drop-off?
We will provide the free airport pick up service but you need to pay on the drop off..

Is there a charge for an additional guest in my room?
There is no additional charge for you and female guests. We will chage as per room category per night.

Can I get a late check-out?
Simply put, our hotel rarely has empty rooms. Due to the fact that demand is so high, we have to honor those reservations that are in place before your arrival. We will do our best to accommodate your request for a late check-out, up to and including letting you transfer rooms just to relax for the rest of your stay.

What are the directions to the hotel?
The directions to the hotel are listed on google map and please check on or in contact page

Can I reserve a specific room?
You may request the front of the hotel or the back of the hotel, and we will do our best to accommodate that request.

I requested the front/back of the hotel and it was not available when I arrived. Why
As a relatively small, 16-room hotel, it is not possible to please everyone and we recognize this fact. We will always try our best to accommodate your initial request – but please be aware that we cannot make a guarantee of a front or rear facing room, it is based on availability at the time of your arrival. Upon your confirmed reservation our guarantee to you is that a room will be available when you arrive, or shortly after your arrival depending on availability.

Am I allowed to take my room key with me?
We encourage our guests to leave their room keys at the front desk when they depart the premises, this helps ensure safe keeping of your room. However, it is not a requirement to leave your key behind. Should you misplace or lose your key during the time you are away from the hotel there will be a USD 2 charge added to your room statement in order to replace the entire locking mechanism and key tag.
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